About reBlog

What is a reBlog?
A reBlog facilitates the process of filtering and republishing relevant content from many RSS feeds. reBloggers subscribe to their favorite feeds, preview the content, and select their favorite posts. These posts are automatically published through their favorite blogging software.

Why should you reBlog?
reBlogs are useful to individuals who want to maintain a weblog but prefer curating content to writing original posts. They can also enable organizations to tap the contributions of their employees, members, and communities-at-large in order to easily redistribute relevant content.

What if I don't want to blog anything?
reFeed, the RSS aggregating component is damn sexy and worth using if you just want to read lots of content and not be constrained to one computer.

Download reBlog

There are two current versions of reBlog.

Version 2.0 (beta 2) is a newly-released version of the software with some drastic improvements to the 1.x series and all-new codebase. Use this version if you don't need to stick with an older version for any particular reason. Although earlier versions will continue to be supported in the immediate future, 2.0 is intended to be the officially-supported version moving forward, and currently includes beta versions of the Movable Type and WordPress plugins.

Version 1.3 has been bumped from beta status to stable status. This is the most heavily-tested and widely-deployed version of reBlog currently available. Use this version if you need to push your reBlogged posts into our MoveableType plug-in, which is still being upgraded to accomodate reBlog 2.0.

To install your own reBlog, you will need a server with PHP, MySQL, and Perl CGI scripts. Before you get started, please skim the installation instructions and the README to make sure you have the technical background necessary to do the installation. We promise, it's not that hard. If you can install and use Movable Type, you can install and use reBlog.

Also, check out the CHANGELOG to see what bugs have been fixed recently, and the UPGRADE instuctions if you have been using an older version of reBlog.

Then download reBlog-1.3.tar.gz or reBlog-2.0b2.tar.gz, extract it, and follow the instructions. Happy reBlogging.

How reBlog Works

The reBlog hack was originally developed by Eyebeam R&D to create a community site focused on art and technology: http://www.eyebeam.org/reblog/. Now, Eyebeam R&D has teamed up with Stamen Design to flesh out the concept and bring the tools to the open source community.

The reBlog system consists of two main components:

  • reFeed, a web-based RSS aggregator, (derived from Feed on Feeds) augmented with functionality for selecting and editing, and republishing posts. Its output is a metadata-rich RSS feed in standard RSS 1.0 format. Demo reFeed here.

  • Plugins for some of the web's most popular blogging software. Rather than writing yet another content management system, we are instead leveraging the power of other successful blogging software. Currently we have plugins for:


Make a Donation

Support reBlog and Eyebeam R&D

Your PayPal donation supports reBlog and other innovative initiatives like FundRace, ForwardTrack, and the Contagious Media Project. With your support, Eyebeam will continue to develop, release, and sponsor Open Source, public domain projects.

Eyebeam is a 501(c)3 art and technology non-profit. All donations are tax deductible. For additional information about contributing to Eyebeam, please contact Jonah Peretti, our director of R&D, at 646-262-4442.

Who is Using reBlog

Lots of folks, and more every day! See a few featured rebloggers below:

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WebCites (del.icio.us + reBlog + MT = sweet!)
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About Eyebeam

Eyebeam is a not-for-profit media arts organization that enables and engages cultural dialogue practiced at the intersection of the arts and sciences. Founded in 1996, Eyebeam is dedicated to exposing broad and diverse audiences to new technologies and media arts, while simultaneously establishing and demonstrating new media as a significant genre. Eyebeam is located in New York City with interrelated programming in the areas of art production, education and exhibition.